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Succeeding in School

Math Teaching Tools For Kids With Dyscalculia

Isabella Bennett

Children with dyscalculia struggle with numbers, number concepts, and all of the associated learning materials. They have trouble grasping how numbers function. Much like dyslexia, there is no cure for this learning disability. Instead, kids need to learn how to adapt to their difficulties while educators and parents need to learn how to each appropriately to help overcome those struggles. Here are a few tips to help you with teaching numbers if your child has dyscalculia.

Make Learning Tangible

When you're introducing numbers to a child with dyscalculia, you need to make it easier for the child to relate those numbers to something they know. The easiest way to do this is to teach math and numbers using physical objects. Count with marbles, building blocks, candies, or anything else that the child might be engaged by. This helps them focus on something that is tangible and easily measurable while they're learning.

Take Things Slow

When you start teaching math problems, break them down into clear, defined steps. Teach one step at a time, only moving on when you know that the child clearly understands the current step and can demonstrate not only rote memory but also the fundamental understanding of why it is that way.

Find A Common Ground

Sometimes kids with dyscalculia will only learn numbers effectively when they are taught in a method that uses something they are interested in. For kids who are really into Minecraft, for example, teaching math through Minecraft missions will help him or her to master the techniques in an environment that is interesting and engaging.

Make A Game Of It

There are many different math-based games out there, and with kids being so interested in games and technology, that provides a whole new avenue of engagement for those with dyscalculia. Invest in some math-based apps or games that kids can play, and encourage them to do so. The more time they spend playing on familiar platforms, the more likely they are to actually master concepts.

Ask About Extra Support

For kids in public school, dyscalculia can be a significant source of anxiety. With so much pressure put on kids in the classroom to perform, many may worry about their lack of understanding. Talk with your child's school right away about implementing a support plan such as an IEP, or Individual Education Plan. This will provide your child with the extra help needed to work through math lessons and tests.