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Succeeding in School

Why Digital Reality Theory Is Such An Exciting Topic For High Schoolers

Isabella Bennett

If you are a high school teacher, then you might have noticed that many of your students are interested in unique topics. You might have heard some of your students talking about the plausibility of digital reality theory, for example, even if they didn't know that was the term for what they were talking about. Of course, as an educator, it's probably important to you to learn a little more about what your students are interested in. This can allow you to relate to them better and determine the best teaching strategies for helping them learn. It can also help you come up with topics for lesson plans since you probably want to encourage your students to learn by teaching them about subjects that they care about. You might be a little surprised to find that your students are interested in digital reality theory, but consider these reasons why this theory is such an exciting topic for many high schoolers.

They Live in a Tech-Savvy World 

It probably isn't news to your that your high school students are probably living very tech-heavy lifestyles in a tech-savvy world. Your students might have done part or all of their schooling online, and they might constantly use their smartphones and tablets for entertainment and social media. Because of the fact that your high school students are probably accustomed to technology, and because they probably find their technology use to be entertaining and exciting, then it only makes sense that they might be interested in digital reality theory.

They May Have Watched Movies and TV Shows

It's not a secret that children and teenagers are often very impressionable. Many of them pick up ideas and theories based on the things they have watched on TV. There are a variety of movies and television shows that are either loosely or directly based on digital reality theories, and there is a good chance that many of your students have seen these movies and television shows. 

Additionally, there are podcasts, documentaries, and more that discuss the possibility of creating digital worlds that are indistinguishable from real life. There's a good chance that some of your students have seen these things, too.

If your teenage students are interested in digital reality theories because of things they have watched, you should consider asking them about the TV shows, movies, and other materials that they might have watched about the subject. Some might be appropriate to show in class, which could be fun and educational for your students. Additionally, you can talk to them about the different theories that relate to the ones that have been displayed in some of their favorite media.