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Succeeding in School

Facts To Calm Your Mind As You Prepare To Send Your Child Away To Private School

Isabella Bennett

When you're a parent of a child who will soon be heading off to private school, you might be feeling a degree of anxiety about the child being out from under your roof for the first time. This feeling is natural, but you should try to keep calm — if you're anxious, your child may pick up on this feeling and begin to feel anxious, too. The more you know about the private school system, the more you should be able to let your nerves relax. Here are some useful facts to keep in mind as your child's private school career draws closer.

Private School Is A Structured Environment

You might feel a little concerned about your child being away from home because you keep his or her home life fairly regimented. The good news is that your child can expect this type of structure at private school, too. Residential private school's aren't a free-for-all environment. Students will have to stick to a rigid schedule of classes, homework, and appropriate evening and weekend activities, for example. Issues that may affect some general schools, such as bullying and partying, won't be something you need to worry about when your child is in the private school environment.

Extra-Curricular Activities Are Part Of The Routine

Getting involved in activities beyond the classroom is valuable for all students. If your child is shy, however, you might be concerned that he or she may spend lots of time alone and withdrawn. This isn't something to worry about in the private school setting. School administrators understand the importance of extra-curricular activities and will encourage your child to take part. In many private schools, students will even need to enroll in a certain number of extra-curricular activities each semester. Whether it's sports, music, drama, or other activities, you can count on your child being involved.

Your Child Won't Fall Behind

If you've traditionally been highly involved in your child's studies, you might feel concerned about him or her being away at private school. Fortunately, there's a very small chance of your child falling behind. Small class sizes make it easier for children to learn and retain information, while tutoring and after-hours access to teachers can ensure that if your child needs to bring a certain mark up, the resources are available to do so. Additionally, teachers and administrators will be in frequent communication with you to update you on your child's progress.