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Succeeding in School

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Succeeding in School

How To Practice Outside Of ESL As An Adult

Isabella Bennett

Studying English as a second language, or ESL, will be crucial for those who do not have a firm grasp of the English language. English can be complicated to learn in its written and spoken form because it has many different branches. If you are taking adult ESL classes and you want a way to practice and learn more about the practical application of English, there are some things that you can do outside of the classroom. Here are three ways to practice English with ease outside of class. 

Pick up a non-speaking or writing hobby class

If you are interested in practicing English as a beginner, you may not want to enroll in heavy speaking hobbies such as debate or public speaking options. Instead, pick up a hobby that allows you the chance to practice with your hands or body and talk only as you need. Hobbies such as sewing classes or soccer will offer you the option to use your hands or play a game. If you already know the rules of how these hobbies work, you will have an easier time performing well while being able to pick up communication skills by talking to teammates. 

Join a texting group

Having to speak to people, whether in person or on the phone, can be difficult for those who are trying to learn English little by little. if you are in the beginner phases of your courses, you may find this difficult to do. Instead of in-person meetups, join a group of people that text one another. This will allow you to read at your own pace and type messages that you can check via your phones correction application before sending. Joining a texting group of people who speak English will also allow you to pick up on idioms of the language as well. 

Go to children's day at the library

Many libraries have children's sections for short chapter and photo books. Many libraries also host days where readers come in to read stories for children. Attend children's days at the library when there are speakers and follow along with the stories and books being presented. Use the child's and teens section of the library to rent books that will have new words for you to learn but will not move so fast that you have difficulties keeping up with the stories. This will allow you to practice reading in English without stress.