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Succeeding in School

Looking to Attend an Online College While in The Military? What to Look for in Online Colleges

Isabella Bennett

Many online colleges advertise that they are a great online college for active duty military. However, just because a school says this, does not necessarily mean that they are a good fit for what you need. If you are looking at online colleges for military members, here are a few features that you will want to pay close attention to before you enroll. 

If the Counselors Understand Military Training, Jobs, and Rankings

One of the factors that you want to consider, is whether the counselors at the school really understand your military training, job, and ranking. It is likely that you are seeking to advance your career in the military or use the skills you have and transfer them to a position outside of the military. A counselor who understands your branch of the military can help you enroll in the courses that are not only necessary for your degree, but that can help you achieve professional goals as well.

How Much Flexibility the Program Offers Military Members

Another important factor to consider when looking for an online college for military, is how much flexibility the program really offers military members. Most online programs are fairly flexible. However, they still have requirements for when work is due and when tests must be taken. As a military member, you may be in training or stationed at sea and unable to complete everything when it is due. A college that caters to military members understands these types of restrictions and gives you more flexibility.

If the Financial Department Understand and Can Help with Military Financial Programs

Lastly, you will want to look at whether the financial department understands military financial programs, such as the G.I. bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program. These are programs you will likely be using to help pay for your courses. It is important the financial departments understands these programs so they can help you fill out the paperwork and get it approved. 

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to attend an online college while in the military. You could be looking to advance your career in the military, or you may want to obtain new skills so you have better job opportunities when you exit the military. Looking for all of the above factors in an online college or university will help you to find the institution that is best for you.