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Succeeding in School

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Succeeding in School

Online Medical Assistant Classes: CMA Certification

Isabella Bennett

The healthcare industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the labor market. Whether you're looking to switch careers or you're looking for a path to gainful employment after high school, a medical assistant position can be a great starting point or a position you can build into a successful career.

Here are some of the things you'll need to do to become a certified medical assistant (CMA).

Course Work

Unlike a traditional bachelors' degree, to become a CMA you'll need to complete specific coursework from an AAMA accredited institution and complete a requisite number of internship hours.

  • Curricula: the best medical assistant schools online are designed to deliver only the coursework you need to meet the AAMA accreditation standards as efficiently as possible. This means taking only the courses you need and sequencing them to prepare you for the CMA examination. Although the AAMA standards apply to all states, some states require specific courses to become a licensed CMA. Before you start any CMA program, make that the medical assistant program online is AAMA accredited and your academic advisor plots your course from the classroom to get a job in the field.
  • Hours: although CMA coursework can be accelerated, the hours of fieldwork you'll need can't be sped up. Because CMA licenses vary by state, you'll need to consult your state-level licensing organization to figure out exactly how many internship hours you'll need to begin working in the field. Some of the best online CMA programs have partnerships with local healthcare providers to give their students easy access to internship programs and a path to a job upon completion of their degree.


The CMA coursework provided by the best online CMA programs gives you the skills you'll need to perform your job and the knowledge you'll need to pass the CMA examination.

  • Eligibility: to sit for the CMA examination you'll need to have completed your CMA coursework and satisfied your internship hour quota. Because your eligibility will change if you wait more than a year to take your CMA exam, you'll need to pass your test the first or second time you take it. Before signing up for an online CMA program, it's always good to look at the pass rate for their graduates.
  • Test Prep: the CMA examination is rigorous. The best CMA online programs provide their students with test prep to help them succeed on their exam the first time they take it. Visit a company like WVJC online for more information.